What's Juba?  What's a Juba?  The inquiries are many, the answers few.  Perhaps something here will help:
  • "Juba is a thrill ride with an impulsive … score and not an ounce of subtlety or shapeliness."
  • The Juba Skipper (Hesperia juba) male butterfly, native to California (like Brian) is bright orange-brown with a dark border that is toothed inwardly. To await females, males perch in gulches all day.
  • “Juba this and Juba that, Juba chased a yellow cat, Juba up and Juba down, Juba running all around.”
  •  “When the law allowed, the juba dance used only a drummer.”
  • “It is unknown why Caesar chose to spare the infant Juba. Perhaps it was due to his age, as he was possibly less than two years old at the time. Another possibility is because of the questionable morality of Caesar”
  • “Social life is extremely important to the Juba. They share a tradition of a daily coffee time. Because wood is expensive and somewhat scarce, animal dung is used as fuel”
  •  “When Juba joins your … team, the pieces simply fit together.”
  • “A Juba Dance performance could include counter-clockwise turning, often with one leg raised, stomping and slapping…[and] various steps such as "the Jubal Jew", "Yaller Cat", "Pigeon Wing" and "Blow That Candle Out".”